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FV Project Form

Completing this form and receiving a Unique ID number does NOT mean your project has been approved. Production Services will notify you separately regarding the approval status of your project.

The FV Project Form will help you plan and prepare for your upcoming production, whether it be a thesis project, individual project, or class assignment. Please fill out the following form at least one (1) week prior to any type of production. 

Students using their own equipment must submit an FV Project Form for any projects related to the School of Film/Video.

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Project Information

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This form is only intended for use by the director/writer/creator who must be an FV student. Please have them complete the form.


This form is intended for use by only the director/writer/creator who must be an FV student. Please have them complete the form.

What type of project are you working on? Check all that apply:*

Project Details

How many people will be involved with just the production aspect of your project?*
200 words minimum. Please tell us about your production and/or installation. This should be a detailed description of what you plan to do.
Please list all dates of production.
Do you have a script, treatment, synopsis, pitch book, storyboard, and/or lookbook for your project?*
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Will there be any non-CalArts participants working on your project?*
Will you be using any animals (including your pets)?*
Will you be using any weapons and/or prop weapons?*
Will you be shooting inside a motor vehicle in your production?*
Please mark “yes” if you plan to shoot a motor vehicle that may or may not be moving. If you’re simply using a car to drive to location, you can check “No.”
Will you be using smoke or fog?*
For example, you may wish to use a haze machine for your production.
Will you be using fire or pyrotechnics?*
Examples include shooting a fireplace, lighting a candle as a prop, smoking, or cooking.
Will you be working in or near water?*
For example, check "yes" if there is a running bathtub on set.
Will you be using your own equipment?*
Will you be working with minors?*
Mark “yes” if you plan to collaborate with any person under 17 years of age. This includes (but is not limited to) interviewing, recording, or hiring a person under 17 years of age as an actor, however big or small the role may be.
Will your project involve any kind of stunts?*
For example, you may be filming a staged trip or fall.
Will your project include any kind of nudity or simulated sex?*
Will you be traveling overseas with the equipment?*

If you plan to travel internationally, you must fill out the Out of Country Insurance Form for any equipment that is being taken out of the US.

Please make sure you have read and understood the CalArts COVID-19 Recommendations.

CalArts COVID-19 Recommendations*

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