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This application closed on Sept 30, 2020. If you have any questions, email

Film/Video Facilities and Technology Access for Spring 2020 Thesis & Graduating Projects

The CalArts campus will not be accessible until approved by the Los Angeles County Health Department. When access becomes available, all use of Film/Video facilities will be by appointment during the 2020-21 academic year.

School of  Film/Video Spring 2020 graduates’ requests for access will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out the following application to request access to specific facilities and services to finish MFA thesis or BFA graduation/senior projects. Access may be granted during Fall 2020 or Spring 2021, depending on facility and staff availability. It is not guaranteed that you will be granted access for the date(s) you request. Spring 2020 graduates will only have access to requested facilities and services that are approved by the School, during the time period approved. 

While the campus is closed, Film/Video is offering these limited services below. Please note these services are unsupervised, as students/alumni may not access the campus

  • Remote Sound Mix 
  • Layback / DCP
  • Remote Render Farm and Workstations
  • Cage Equipment Curbside Pick up / Drop Off

Spring 2020 Access Guidelines

Cost: Once approved, there is no additional cost for access, though specific facilities, support and equipment may incur fees (e.g. printing, production insurance, and/or personnel such as a sound mixer).

Scheduling: Access requests will be considered alongside and scheduled to accommodate the needs of currently enrolled students and curricula. Access may be requested through June 2021, subject to health and safety regulations and protocols related to the COVID-19 pandemic. If pandemic conditions continue to make access substantially limited in that time period, it may be possible to extend this deadline.

About Remote Sound Mixes & Laybacks: After experimenting with many options, we’ve found that Zoom works best for remote mixing sessions. Once we have gathered project information from the Spring 2020 graduates who are approved for access, we’ll assign Preview and Sound Mix dates and times, as well as sound mentors. Your sound mentor will meet with you via Zoom, advise on your project and provide details of how the remote mix session will work. Sound technicians will be able to help you export your mix session to ProTools, if needed. The fee for the Preview and Sound Mix sessions will be $15/hour. After the Mix, and provided your final color-corrected picture is ready, we can also provide you with a Layback to help you with final outputs. 

Limitations: Access will be limited to specific Film/Video facilities and equipment that are approved by the School, and not to the Institute as a whole. It does not include access to housing, medical insurance, financial aid, etc. and doesn’t guarantee support from faculty or technical and administrative staff. Does not confer official student status for international students.

Production Restrictions in L.A. County: CalArts Film/Video will comply with all current public health orders. While the County has approved professional film productions within COVID-safe guidelines, all student and school-related productions are still limited to solo shooting only, with no collaborators, crew or cast allowed. The County’s primary concern is to prohibit group gatherings in order to protect everyone’s health. We expect these guidelines to begin to ease if and when COVID conditions improve. Spring 2020 graduates must follow the current guidelines per School of Film/Video policy (see Orientation below).

Orientation Required: All Spring 2020 graduates requesting access must complete the new Film/Video online orientation modules for COVID. These take about an hour to complete. Once a request for access is approved, you will be sent the modules and can only begin your access once they have been completed.

Student Information

7-digit number beginning with a 0.
Your email address.
Spring 2020 Year Level*
Will you be able to come to campus during the academic year 2020-2021?*

Project Information

Production Needs

Have you finished production of your thesis / senior film?*
What production studios do you need to finish shooting / animating?*
How many collaborators on your production (including cast, crew, and others)?*

Post-production Needs

What stage of post-production are you in?*
Which of the following Film/Video services do you need to finish your thesis / senior project? [Check all that apply]*
*available while campus is closed to student access
What post-production facilities/software do you need to finish your thesis / senior project? [Check all that apply]*

Installation Needs

Is your thesis / senior project an installation?*
What installation space do you need?*
When will you be ready to install? [this does not guarantee that you will be able to install that date]*

Access Dates

When will you be ready for School of Film/Video facility access? [this does not guarantee that you will be given access on this date]*

Status Check

Is the student a G20?*