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Unit Overload Petition

Eligibility Information

A full–time BFA course load is normally 14 to 16 units. 

A full–time MFA, MA or Advanced Certificate of Fine Arts student program is not less than 9 or 12 units depending on the program of study. 

A full–time DMA student program comprises about 10 units.

We limit student course loads to no more than 20 units per semester due to the commitment of time, energy and resources a full course load already entails.  We recognize that on occasion, students may wish to exceed the 20 units per semester limitation due to unusual circumstances. In that case, you will need to complete the Unit Overload Petition, which must be approved and signed in the following order by your mentor; the dean of your School; the Provost or their designee; and the Registrar.

BFA-1s, InterSchool students, part-time students, and those that had an NC grade at CalArts during or Spring 2021 or Fall 2020 are not eligible to register for more than 20 units. 

To see if you are eligible to petition for a unit overload, please answer the below questions:

Are you a BFA-1?*
Are you an InterSchool student?*
Are you registered to be 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 time student?*
Did you receive any NC grades at CalArts in either Spring 2021 or Fall 2021??*

Student Information

First Name*
Why are you petitioning to take over 20 units this semester?*
**Any courses approved for overload that require instructor consent will still require a course request card submission by student**

Commitment of Overloading

By checking the box below, I request permission to exceed the maximum unit load of 20 units and clearly understand the requirements listed above and additional work needed to be successful with this overload.


Mentor Review

Mentor Approval*
Mentor Name*

Dean Review of Unit Overload Petition

Dean Approval*
Dean Name*

Asst. Provost Approval

Asst Provost Approval*
Asst. Provost Name*

Registrar Processing

Petition Processed by*
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