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Office of the Registrar

Any non-graduating students who terminate their enrollment at CalArts during or at the end of any semester must complete a Withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar.

Students who choose to formally withdraw during the Add/Drop period will have all in progress courses dropped from their transcript. Tuition refunds for a semester in progress are granted according to the Withdrawal from the Institute and Dormitory – Refunds policy in the CalArts Catalog.

 Students who formally withdraw during the Withdrawal period will be assigned “W” notations for all in progress courses.  Students who withdraw after the Withdrawal period or after the end of the semester will receive the grades assigned by their faculty.  Students who fail to enroll from one semester to the next, or who do not return from an approved leave as expected, will be automatically withdrawn from the Institute by the Office of the Registrar.

Students who have withdrawn from the Institute may request readmission by submitting a new application through the Admissions Office.  It is at the discretion of the School and Program to determine specific portfolio requirements for individual students requesting readmission; Schools are not required to readmit withdrawn students.  In order for transfer credit to be applied to the CalArts degree, transcripts for all work completed since leaving CalArts must be presented at the time of readmission.

All withdrawn students readmitted to the Institute will be subject to current policies governing degree requirements and catalog rights.  Students who withdraw while on academic warning or probation must meet the terms of their warning or probation, if readmitted.

To review the full Withdrawal from the Institute policy visit https://policies.calarts.edu/all-policies/withdrawal-from-the-institute

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